Friday, October 1, 2010

October Art Contest Theme

Alright, so the last art contest was a bit of a let down.  However, it seems like some of you were oblivious of its existence, so this is my second attempt to get something going.

Since it's October, I figured it would be a neat idea to have a Halloween themed art contest.  I think it would be fun to have pumpkin carving submissions as an option as well as any hand drawn/painted/sculpted art.  While I've said that I don't care how well you draw, I think some of you are still too shy to submit your work.  Perhaps with pumpkin carving as an option, you will be more open and have more fun with it.  All you really need is a simple stencil to plan out your carving so please comment with something for us!

If you do decide to do a carving then I would recommend submitting both a picture during the day and a picture at night (in all of its candle-glowing goodness).  If I knew for sure that a reasonable number of you would participate, I would have both an art contest and a pumpkin carving contest.  Feel free to submit a pumpkin carving as well as a drawing/painting/sculpture if you'd like!

The due date for this will be the day after Halloween, November 1st.

P.S. Can you guys also give me some more feedback about my last post in regards to what days/times (timezone is important here) would be good for getting together to game and what games you might like to play?  I only have a few answers and suggestions.


  1. Well, heres my submission, nice and early. I call it "Gluttonous Pumpkin". Its hand drawn and photographed rather than scanned since straight OGs roll like that:

    Id make it a link if I could. Hopefully there are other submissions too...

  2. Here is my Submission :D