Wednesday, November 10, 2010

November Art Contest Start!

Alright, this month I'm continuing with holiday themes and announcing this month's art contest as Thanksgiving themed!

Same rules as before, due by the end of the month.  Anything you submit has to be 100% your own, but you can use any programs or tools to create it.  So draw some turkeys, Native Americans, Pilgrims, a table full of delicious Thanksgiving foodz, or whatever you would like just as long as it is somehow Thanksgiving-related.  Also, please PG art.  No massacres, blood baths, sexually explicit art.  Also, it would be nice if you put your username somewhere on your work.

Here is a picture for Dr. Donut winning last month's contest!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween Wrap-up

Well, I was a bit disappointed that only two people submitted something for this art contest, but since I haven't been on much lately I couldn't exactly advertise it as much as I would've liked.  Regardless, I have put a poll up on the right here so that we can vote for our favorite submission.  This poll will be up for a week and the winner will get a poorly drawn picture from me showing how awesome they are and a mention in The Garden room description for the month.  I will put up a post about a new art contest for this month likely within the week.

The pictures can be seen here if you haven't seen them already.