Friday, August 13, 2010

Art Contest Start!

Alright, so we didn't get many suggestions like I had hoped, but maybe that will just get better over time as we get this thing rolling. I wanted to throw up a poll, but to be honest I would like to avoid a theme that involves drawing the peoples and beasties of The Garden specifically. I probably should have mentioned that before, but I didn't really think about it at the time. If peoples are left out of drawings then feelings might be hurt and that's no fun for anyone. So, I'm going to just go with "The Garden as we see it" since that doesn't necessarily mean anyone has to be drawn.

Any software can be used to make your work of art (it can even be drawn with pencil on a piece of notebook paper and scanned if that's your preferred medium), but it has to be 100% your own work. This means no photos, no stolen pictures or drawings from the internet or elsewhere, no clipart, and ultimately nothing that you haven't made with your own two hands (or one hand if you're not ambidextrous).

You have until the 28th of August (roughly 2 weeks) to submit a link of your work of art in a comment below this post. It can be linked from photobucket, deviantart, or whatever works for you. Please make sure that your name is written legibly somewhere on the work of art so that we know it's yours. Everyone is encouraged to participate even if they don't think they can draw. This is purely for fun, so there's no pressure on you to create an incredibly wonderful masterpiece that leaves us all breathless.

After everyone has submitted their art (and hopefully Lancer and I figure out how to display them all on the blog in a reasonable way), we will put a poll on the blog and everyone will vote for their favorite piece (please try to avoid voting for your own work). Then I'll try to figure out what exactly I'm going to give the winner as a prize and we'll start with a new theme on the 1st of September. Have fun!


  1. First of all, Kongratz to the new blog! Yes, I'm late, but who cares? Second, Yay for art contest! I can't draw for that potato in the background, but I still support the contest. :P Now, erm, I could make something with Photoshop but not allowed (+ I don't have anywhere to upload) so, I'm just a voter. Erm, what else to say? Oh yeah, Teh Veggies are sappin Maih Garden!

    ~ Teehee.

  2. Well...nobody has submitted anything yet and there's only 5 days left so I sure hope you guys get in on this. Here's my crummy drawing with spacial discrepancies all over the place, but hey, The Garden exists only on the internet and has no spacial relevance. I'll just say it was my artistic choice to draw things from all different perspectives.

    Here it is.